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Temperature Cuntml

Mot-e [he TEMP glide L'nntrttl tu change the lcmpflmlure nl' the air [taming tltreug]: your air eutletx.

ll'you have the tiplinnul dual cuntml .‘lll' ettitdiltmter you have a accond lempentture lever.

The [up later control the temperature For Ihe driver. The lower lever Cfll'llrfllli the temperature fur the l'runl «em pammnger. Beth use the same much: ant! Iim speed.

Air Cnnditiuning

The air eundilmning has three seitingh. 0n very hu1 duya. upcn the window Irimt.I enough In let l'I-UII inside air escape. 'l'liis reduce-2 the amount 01' work J'nur :1ir

conditioner} eumpre‘isnr will have to (in. which shnulri help fuel economy,


This. provides mmtimum um ing with Ihe harm :irrlnunl ttr'wnrlr. This \elling reelreulateh [HUL‘ll Ufllte all' inside your vehicle to it maximize»: ynur iill' enndilltmur's perl'nrnitinee and I'uL'l emnom}.


like l'ur nurmul [mulling l[JII hut thiya. Tltlh Hatting mnls uutside iiiruntl directs it lhrtluglt [he lnxlt'Ltmem punt-I eutlets.

Bi- Lt {Hi-l .et'el i

‘l'ltiq ntlllng in deeigned r'nr the nu umny iliiyx where Ihe tlir i5 Lml} tititderulely Warm (11' final. UH tlttyh' like these. the tun may adequately warm yuur upper body. hul 3:er lnwer Itmly mule nut he warm enough.

The Bi-level Hfltitlg directs mltaitle llll' mtn your vehicle in twn wuyx. Cool in! l.‘\' directed inward yt'rLIr upper body thmugh the lien: instrualtenl [Intel outlets. while tlightl} warmed .illl' is- directed Ilirnuglt 1!'ie ltettlet‘ nu1|¢1 zit ynur Feel.

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