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Vehicle Damage Warnings

Also. in [his bunk you will find thrm: nulicus:


1|! the notice area. we lcll yuu nh-uul something lhal can damage yum vehicle. Manly limees. Lillfi darnugc Would not be mum-d by yuur warmmy. and il could be vastly. Bul Illc nnlire will Iell you what to Lifl [l1- hclp uvuid mu dumagt.

When )‘t‘lu rcud ulhtr mununlx. ynu mighl we

CA U'I‘IUN and NOTE: E warnings in L“ Harem mlun. m- in Llil'l‘errnl words.

You'll nlxt‘u 51:: warning luhclx un ynur vehicle. They um,- jr'tllu'w l'ur cuullnns. him: for rm! ital. and Ihe wordy. CAUTION nr NOTICE.

———————————' _. —_—._._—_—__ ll

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