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Ynur Buick Intx u "tamper—remnant odunleler." It you "tut he: very noticeable bright nih-‘er lines between the Humbert. pmhath MUJI'LLEUIIC has [tied [u ttltn i1 hilck. The numbers may not be true.

‘r'nu tntn- wonder what huppens it'et cur inn It: have u new tt-tjn-ntcter installed. If pet-snihle. the new one has tn be get tn the SHINE Tending tth the old urte. If it t.':ln'l he. then i1'.~. net m gem, and n Inhel on the driver} dttttt' llhihl 5|:th the end reading 41nd when the new tune war; le'lh'lfliltld.

Trip Odometer


A trip odometer mm It" you how mam}.- ntilex tr'tJLl have. driven 'tlFIL‘E _1.-'U|J In.“ set It batik tn EL‘TH. Tn reset it. push the button.

Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators

This section {IEHL'l'Ele’N the th'l'nil'lg tightx and Eugen Ihut may he ttn your vultitte. The ptt‘tLIt‘e5 will help yttu lttcutc lltcttt.

Warning lights and gages. can nigml Iftttl wntethitlg it. tut-mug beltn'c || L‘IBL‘Ulnf'H net'inus enttugh It: must: an expetth‘it‘e rcpmr nr replacement. Paying attrntttm m :L'l'illr wttrning Iighh nml gageh could ttlattn Have )“L‘rIJ Ur ttthert. I'rtttn injur}.

Warning light-t gt: LH'1 when there Ina}- he or I5- .1 problem with gm: “1' your vehicle'\ l'ttnclittntt. As yttu will Sft‘.‘ itt tltt: detailx ttn the next few pages. mnte wurnint.r lights cttme nn hrt'et'ly when you Itl1'l'l the tgt‘titinn keyjusl in let gnu inn-w they're thrltttrtg. I1' ynu are familiar with thin héCTltm. yttu .‘ii'llluld ttttl be .‘tltttltted When lhis Itztppena.

Gages L'tll'l. indieute when there they be or is :t prtthletn with one nt‘ynur whicle'n I'unetiunfi. Ul'ttttt gag-'15 and warning. light; wttt'l-t tugethet' In let you Lnnw tt-hfl'n there's at prtthlettt with :r'tJLII' t'ehtcle.


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