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”Fti'mal Canvex Outside Mi rrur

If your Buick has an ‘t'nur righl Hitle mirror ix. convex. uluulric mirror cumm]. you'lr find iI on II1E' driver's. duun

A L'tIIIVL‘K mirrur'a hurl'uut: ih curt-ml fin ynu Ettll we more an1 tilt: {Iriwr 'x 'it‘LH.


It you aren't used In a convex mirror1 you can hit another yahlolo. A convex mirror can make lhlnns (Ilka other vahicloa] look farther away than

they really are. If you out too sharply Into the right lane, you could hit a uohlcle on your right. Check your Inside mirror or glance over your should-3r hetero changing Lanes.

MOVE lhe Switch to ChDUhL. thi: right hr 11:11 mirror. From

any of the Four urmwx In nlm't: the mirror ill the desired

directinn. Atijurd euuh mirror w you uztltjum 5E: thl: aid: of your cur and the urn behind your car.


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