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Yuur DRL work wtlh a light Htmur ml tap of [he instrumenl panel. Don't cover i1 up.

Th1: lnw beam headlight: will come nn ill reduced hfighlncmi in daylighl when:

i The ignition is on. II The htaldligh: switch is; off. and I The purl-1mg brake is released.

A1 dink. Ihr: cxlcriur Ilghlh will came an autnmallically and lhf low bean-Is will. thungr: lu- l'ull. hrighlnuh‘a. A: dawn. the euerinr lighlr; will gun nut and 11m iu-w huums will change ID the reduced hrighmess of URL lll‘ 11v: heudlighl HWiICh is ofil.

Gl'cuurst. yml "may still turn on “IE headlights 2mg; lime you Hand to.

To Edlc yum vehicle mm the DRL nff. Hal 1hr parking brukc while 1h: Ignillnn in; in The “DIT' nr “hi-ck" pmifion. The-n man the vehicle. The DRI. will may nl'r until yuu rtltum: the parking brake.


ant Seal Reading Lights {Uptinnl

TheI l'mm scat rum-ling lighlx uh" Luructl “H by prrhhing 1hr m—‘itrlwa.

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