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The TRUNK button is. on

1h: illHll'LLJI'lL'II'I. panul it} thi: A CAUTION.

left of the steering column.

It will Fulfill“: II'IL' trunk Your car may have an automatic pull doom

look when the transmit: in feature Ihnl helps oloaa tho Irunlt Electronically.

in PARK ur NElITR AI __ 1i'otir i'lngara can to trapped under the bunk lid ., It'you have the Remote as It you down. Your fingora could be lniurod.

a: Kayla: Entry Syblum. ii and you would mod aomaorta to hair: 1lazuli free will .ifll-tll unlock your trunk. thorn. Hoop your fingers aura; from tho hunk lid on 1itruu alone i! and as it is going down.

Automatic Pull-Down Feature {Uptiuni If you have this femur-e. it pulls the trunk lid closod. This & _ allOWE-i you to gar-ll}- push 111:: trunk Jid down tint] thu CAUTION. pull-clown J'uuluru lht:11 sutures it utimploioly. n can to dangerous In drive- “ml the tru nk lid open heoauao carbon monoxide [00} gas can ooma Into your vahlolo. You can't oar.- or small

CD. It can oauaa unconsciouaoaaa and mo death.


Do not slam your trunk lid down if 1illou have the

pull-down feature. if you do. you may damage the pull-down oystem.

CAUTION: (Co-nun uad}


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