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Tn reprngram lhe du-nr lucky. ll.) Joel. and uulue}. when Trunk you shift in and nul nf"P" {Parki dn Ihe following:

1. Clam: your (inure and turn :11: Ignil'um UN. REITIIIJIIE' 1 Funk REIEHSE

'I'l1e trunk release switch in the ghwe hm: must he UN for the TRL‘NK release huuen to werk. This feature aliuws you in- HEL'LII'C ilfl'l'llh in the trunk. To secure. turn lUFF the TRUNK RELEASE. leek Ihe ghwe hurt. then take the deer key with ynu.

2. Keep ynur {ml an Ihe brake pedal.

3. Press and held the driver's. pewer den-r Ilnlnek Hw'l'leh.

4. Move Ihe .Iahifl lever 01" t1l"‘l""{]"arkJ.IhL-n [new IhL' hhifl Ie'r'er hack into “P" (Park).

5. Reteake rhe unluek hw'nrch.

Leaving Your Vehicle

lfyouare 1e2wingthe which. 1:Ik.e ynur keys. ”pen your dnnr and set Ihe tuekx frnm inside. Then get um um] elnee Ihe Liner.

If yew vehicle has n theft delerrenl sy'ntem. .WL‘ "Univereul Theft [Jelerrenfi in the Index.

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