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For cart; t'irtt sold in Canada. child restraints with atop strap must be anchored according to Canadian law.

Your dealer can obtain the hardware icit and install it for you. or you may lnfitflll it ytturfitil t‘ Using the lttttlt‘tJ ctions provided in the kit.

Use tlte tether hardware ltit twatitahie from the dealer.

The hardware and installation instructions. were specifically designed for this vehicle.

Securing a (Shiid Restraint in a Rear Outside Position


You'll be tit-ting the lap—shoulder bail. See the earlier genie-n about the top strap tithe child restrain: has one.

1. Put the restraint on the seat. Follow the inatruetions for the child restraint,


Secure the child in the child restraint as the instructions 5:15.

3. Piett up the latch plate and run the 1.1;: and shoulder portions of the. vehicle's safety bolt through or around the restraint. The ehild restraint instructions will SIIUW you how.

If the shoulder belt goes in front ol'tlte child's face or neck, put it behind the :11in restraint.

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