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Safety.r Belt Use During Pregnancy

Safety hulls wnrk for everyone. Including pregnant women. Like all DCCupauLh. they are mnre likely 10 be atrium-sly injured iflhey don't wear rarely bells.

A. pregnant wmt'tan elluuld wear a lilp-Hl’lflllldfil’ bell. and the lap pnrtiun should be worn as low 35 possible throughout the pregnane 3.».

The heal way In pmleet the fetus is to protect the mnlher. When a safety belt is worn properly. it‘s more likely that the Talus wun'l be hurt in a crash. For pregnant women. as for anyone. the key tu making safety belts. el‘l'eetive wearing them properly.

Right Front Passenger Position

The right frunl passenger‘s safety belt works the same way as; the driver‘s safety bell. See “Driver Pflsllinn," earlier in lhir.‘ purl.

When the lap portion of the belt 1'5 pulled uut all lhl: way. it will lock. If'ttdees. let it guhack all Ihe wayand .ttart again.


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