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Air begs inflate with great force. faster than the blink of an eye. If you're too close to on inflating air bag, it could seriously inlure yen. Safety belts help keep you In position tor an air bag Inflation In a crash. Alwaya'iuear your safety belt, even with on air bag, and the driver should sit as for

back as possible while still maintaining control I31 the yehicle.


An Intietlng air bag can seriously injure small children. Always eemra children properly In your vehicle. TO read now. see the “Children and Saiety Belts" section of this manual. and read the caution label on the front-passenger's salary belt.


When an air bag lnilates, there is dust in the air. This duet could cause breathing problems for people with a history of asthma or other breathing trouble. To avoid this. everyone In the yehlcla should get out as soon as It is sole to do so. It you have breathing problems but can't get out at the vehicle alter an air bag lntlates. than get trash air by opening a window or door.


Don‘t put anything on, or attach anything to, the driver air bag or instrument panel. Mao. don't put anything {such as pets, or objects} between any occupant and the driver air beg or Instrument panel. I! something is between an occupant end an air bag. it could enact the perfonnence of the air bag, or, worse, it cuuicl cause injury.

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