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Shoulder Belt Height Adj Lister

The tap part of the belt should be worn tow and snug on the hi 5. 'ust touchin the 111ā€˜ be. In a crash. this a ti - _ . force I?ā€ [LB strong peglvic b 0:125. And 1ā€™" uā€˜ d be l est? 1: a; Yeu eun muve the shoulder belt adj Luster In the hetght liltelj,r [D slide under the lap bell. If ynu slid under it, the that '5 "Em tar you.

hell would apply fnrce at yuur abdomen. This could

came serious at even fatal tnjuriee. The sheulder hell

shnuld ge- ever the shoulder and aernss the chest. These

parts of the body are best able to take belt restraining

fumes. The safelyr belt locks if there's a sudden stop

or eraah.


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