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Look at the Sill-'er‘CfllUfBEl hand inside the fuse. If the bond is broken or melted. replace the fuse. Be sure you replaoe a had fuse with a new one of the identical size

and rating.

There are additional fuses located behind the right sound insulator panel on the passenger side. if these require service. see you: Buick dealen

Maxil‘uselRelay Center

To check the fuses in this underhootl fuse center. turn the two knobs lilti- turn counterclockwise and remove the cover. There is a chart inside the cover that esplains the features and controls governed by each fuse and relay.

The PASS—Key ilfi' fuse is located in the right side relay cantor.



The headiight wiring is protected by El circuit breaker in the underhood [use center. An electrical overload will can se the lights to go on and off. or in same cases to remain oli‘. lflhis happens. have your headlight wiring checked right away,

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wiper motor is protected by a circuit breaker and a fuse. If the motor overheats due to heavg,I snow. etc.. the wiper will stop until the motor cools. If the overload is caused by some electriczil problem and not snow. elc.. be sure to get it fitted.

Power Windows and lEither Power Options

Circuit breakers in the fuse panel protect the power windows and other power accessories. When the current load is too heavy, the circuit breaker opens and closes, protecting the circuit until the problem is fixEd or goes away.

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