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Poorly maintained and improperiy ueed fires are dangerous.

0 Overloading your lines can cause overhealing as a reeull ol too much friolion. You could have an air-out and a Inflow accident See “Loading "r‘our Velilde" In the Index.

I Undorini‘leied 11m PDIE the me danger ea overloaded lireo. The mulling moldenl oould oauee eerioue injury. Check all tires fromonfly to molnlain fl'lo rooommondod prmure. Tlre prawn should he check-d when your tires are cold.

Overiniieted lime are more llkely to be out, punoulred. or broken by a sudden Impact. am on when you hit a podiolu. Koep tires at the roommended mute.

Worm. oid line: can cause Incidents. “your hand I: badly W11, or il your line- have

boon deluded. replace loom.

Inflation - Tire I‘resrsure

Thu Tiro—l.u:|cling Inl'clrlnaljnn lnl'lcl which is lucultd on the rear cdgc of the drivm' '- door nl‘lL'I’tl-‘h the cone-:1 inl'lnllun pros-aural} l'ur your lirtx. when ”luff-"fl“ cold. “Cull!" manna your yohirlo link. huun sitting 1hr .11 luuxl Illrco lauura nr Jul-cu no mom Hull: 3 mile.


Don": let anyone tell you the! underlnllatlon g._r oyerinl‘lalion is all right. It's not. H your tires don'l have enough air [underinflalionir you can get: 0 Too much flexing

Too much heat

Tire overloading

Bad wear

Bad handling 0 Bad fuel economy.

If your lines have too much air touerinflatlon}, you can gel: l Unusual wear

I Had handling I Flough ride 0 Needless damage imm road hazards;

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