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Q: If I‘m a good driver, and I never drive for from Safety Bell Reminder Light home, why shonid I wear safety hells?

A: You may be an cxccllonl driver. but ifyou‘re in no accident -- own om: lhn! isn'l ynur fault —- you and your passongers ran he hon. firing at gm-d driver doesn't proloci you from rhingx hoyood your L'nntml. such .15. bad drivers.

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Sufciy' bolls on: for eve rynne. When 1110 key in; 1lI1'Ilcd [1} “RUM" or "Slur-l." .1 chime will come on for about ciglu wcuntk H1 remind people to Fasten lluuir «oh-r},- hefls. The. safety hell ligln 'WIII- UIHU mm: on and filo}- on for ubou: m HEL‘hndM. li' [hL' drin—or‘e hL‘ll Lu already buckled. neither llu: L'himq: our Lhc light will come no.

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