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What In Add

When you do need brake fluid. use only DOT-3 hnike lluid —— such iii-i Delen Suprerne | I'm: iGM Purl

No. I052535i. Use new hnlke Fluid from :i Heiilerl container only, and alwayh' clean [lie hrake fluid reservoir eop before removing iI.


a DOT-5 silicone brake fluid can damage your vehicle. Don't use it.

0 Don't let someone out In rho wrong kind or fluid. For exam ple, iusi a law drops of mineral-based oil, such as engine oil. in

your brake eyelom can damage brake system F3115 so badlyr that they‘ll have to be replaced.

Brake fluid can damage paint, so be careful nol to spill brake fluid on your vehicle. If you do. wash it ofl immediately. See ”Appearance Care" in the Index.

Brake Wear

Your Buick has from diet brakes and rear drum brakes.

Disc brain: Pddh hum: built—in weor inLliwlurh' lhel main: a high-pitched Winning. sound when the brake purl: are wen-n and new pfldh' uri: needed. The sound may Come and go or be heard all the lime your vehicle is moving iexeepl when you are pushing on Ihe hralie pedal firmly].

A cnunon:

The hula: wear warning sound moon: that sooner or later your brakes won't work well. The!

oouldlandtoan occident'flhanyou hon-Ilia

bloke wear warning around. have your vehicle unload.

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