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Brake Master Cylinder

Your brake master cylinder is here. It is filled with DDT-3 brake fluid.

'Illere are only lwn TEHSI'IHS why the brake fluid level in ynur maxler cylinder might gnu down. The find it; lhal the brake fluid gnu-:5 dawn [1.1 an acceptable level during normal brake lining wear. When new liningd are pill in. the fluid level goes back up. The other reason is that


fluid is leaking ttul ofthe brake system. If it is. you sliuuld have your brake system lied. Sll'lfl.‘ a leak means that scanner nr later your brakes won't work well. or won't wnrk nl all. St), it isn't a gum]. idea to “top off" your brake fluid. Adding brake fluid wdn'l correct a limit. If you add fluid when your linings are worn, then yuu'il have me much fluid when you get new hraki: linings. Ynu shuuld add Eur remove} brake fluid. as necessary. uni}.r when wurk is done an the brake hydraulic system.


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When ynur braki- fluid falls to It low level. your brain: warning light will come on. A chime will sound il‘yuu try [:1 drive with ll1l5 wanting light on. See "Brake Syritent Wanting Light" in the Index.

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