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Wait at least 3H minuteh before 'L‘l'lfiL‘lilllg the Hum-mic fluid level if yuu hu'l-‘L' been drill-lug:

I When out-iide Temperatures are :Ihnre WW: 1 32°C 'I. I A1 high speed I'nr quue a while.

0 in heavy [Tull-ll: -- expeeiully in hnl weather.

I While pulling u li'uilei'.

Te: gel the riglil reading. the IllllLl almulLl he .',I[ nm'mul

LTPLTHIIEIE temp-trainee. “Inch p. Illllr’l'" 10 200W IHTC

to 93°C}.

Gel Llie veliicie wane-ed up by drieinguhmn 15 miles [24 luni when Humid: 'lernperalurcs an: ah-[we Sill" (NFC). If it's cnlder 1hEH'1 Sll”F r_ HFT'L 3.1m ma}- have to drive longer.

Tn cheek Ihe fluid level

0 Park your vehiele en ll level place. Keep the engine running.

I Willi The parking brake applied. plaice me whil'i lever

in ”P” IPEIrkl.

O Wilh _-.-'nur mm en the Wake |k'lll|l.ll1I!-‘LL'||1L' xhil'l lewr Iln'nugh L‘ilIL'll gem range. pun-1mg he ulmm three HEL'lll'ldL- iii meli rung-J. Then. pmilairn 1!ie \lllll leuei' ill "E‘" II‘m'L I.

I‘ Let Ilte e11|__'iiieI'Liri.tl iLIIeEciiihieeluliteIiiiriLiLeh.

-]1l:l l '~\_l:|hl_'| J|__'H _'i l! l_|l"_l_|_1'! bk". t‘l‘l"|_|15"._ T'Ulllilfr'g' Il'lg‘hx‘. 4... 4... “la-1]“:

| I'LIII HUI the Lll|Hl1|Jix dll-il Wipe IE u'ilhu elenn I':Lg_| Mr paper


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