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Refer in the Maiilicnanu: Schedule In deiennine when in replace the air filter.

Sci: “Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the index.

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It the air cleaner is all, a backfire can cause a damaging angina firs. and, dirt can easily get Into your engine. which will damage it. Always have the air cleaner In place when you're driving.


Automatic Transaxle Fluid When In Check and Change

A Emu lime in check your automatic Iransaxie fluid level is: when the engine oil is changed. Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine whcn to change your fluid. 5L1: “Scheduied Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How to Check

Because [his upcraliun can be a iiltlc Liiiiieuil. yu-u ma}- Chili’ih't: ILi he in: Ihis dune ill a Buick dealership Service Department.

If you do it yourself. be sure to fiiiiuw :ili the instructions here. or you L'uuld get :1 false reading {1-H Ihe dipstick.


Toe much or ten little lluid can damage your tra neexle. Tea much can mean that some at the fluid could come out and tail on hot engine parts

er exhaust system. sterling a tire. Be sure to get an accurate reading it ydu check 1ii'eur Iran saith: Iluid.

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