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As shnwn If] the chart. SAE lfl‘W- H] is best for your 1vehicle. Hnwever. ynu can use 531E LEW-ll] il' :il‘s guing in be enlder than fifl‘Fl lfiDCl before your next nil change. When it's very L'L'IlLl. yuu hhtluld use SHE fiW-Bfl. These numbers on :In nil canlttinet shew its vii-tensity. nr thickness. Do not use ntlter vise-tasity oils. such Elfi SAE lllW-dill or SAE lliW-fill.

If you eaitnnt I'iml oils with the new "sunburst“ symbol can [he E'rnnl t'll'll'lfl cunlaincr. you should lflleL I'Ur and

use {Il-ll'i containing Ihe following three things: 0 Slice SG

“SH" nr "SE“ innsl be cut the nail container. either It}- iisell‘ hr combined willt nther uuulily Llexignutinns. such as “SHIC‘D.” “SH.SG.CD." “SGICD” ele. These letters show American Petruleutn Institute :API: levels nfqualily.

I SAE lUW-fifi 0 Enereyfnnservingll

Oils with these wtrcls on the ennlainer will help you save fuel.

These three things are tt‘euniiy included in il doughnm shaped Inger (sytnhttll tttt It'iust eunutiners. ll' jruu cannot find fills wilh lhE"slt1rhursl" symbol. yuu should lmtk lhr uils willl 1he tlnughnu! slutpetl ~5'Inhnl. cttnlttining lite Ihrcr.‘ lhings milled uhm'e.

ll you use tails than do not have either the

“starbural” symbol or an API SH or 56 designation. you can cause angina damage not centered by yet ur warranty.

UM Uttudwrentl‘t n: tail lin Cuntttlu. UM Engine I{Jill meets tlil the ret|u1ret11ents l'tu' yuur vehicle.


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