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It's. a good idea :0 chch your engine call every time ynu When In Add ”ii get fue]. In order to gel an autumn: reading. Lht‘: lIJi! must

he wan" and the vehicle must be on [“31 gmund. 1! the Ull I}: at or below the ADD hne. then yuu ll need In

ark-l «rt-me nil. Hul yuu mural use the right kind. Thtt; section

Th: ”1ng ml djpfimk 15 Explains 1when kind uF oil to use. Fnr minimum: eunuch}; dlrcctly @311in the engine LEE “Capacities and Specifications” in the Indra. fan.

Turn uft'the engine and NOTICE.

give- 11ma oil '.I Few minutes. In drain haul; inlu Ill: oil pan. If ynu don't. Ihc uil dipstick might nol Show the actual level.

Don't add ton much unit. If your engine has so

much oil that the oil lama! gets above the crass-hat: had area that shows the propar operatlng range, your engine could be damaged.

Just fill it enough 1n put lhe level 'iill'l'ltl‘t‘v'l'lEETL' in Ihr: pruprr operating range. Push the dipntick all the way

. haul: in when wu'n: through. Pull out thedtpuucl. '

and clean it with :1. paper Inwcl ur ululh, then Fqu'J il hack in all 1he way. Remove: it again. keeping the lip lower. and check the level.


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