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Fuels in Foreign Countries

it you plan an driving in nnmhcr cuunn—y nut-nut: the L.'.S. er Canada. unlcaded t'uel Inn}; he lltil'ti tn i'ind. Dn um um: lcudcd gasoline. It you um: cue-n unt- tunkl'ul, ynur emisxinn cannula won‘t wan We“ nrnl all. With continuum me. spark plug: can get l'uulncl, tin: exhaust Hyatt-m can corrode. :trnl yttur engine nil cttl'l tlelerittl ate quickly. Ynur vehicle‘s nxygen Men'sm will bu damaged. Ml nt'lhut meant com}- repairs that wouldn't Inc L'u‘n'l’tntd [15' your warranty.

T0 met}; Uri fuel availability. u-tk un nun) club. nr cnnlacl a majnr nil L‘nrnpuny' that Clo-es: business in the country where ynu‘ll bfldri‘dlttg.

You can ulsu wrilu us at tin: t'rtlluw'mg address l'nr advice. Just lull 'LLH' whun: yuu're going and give your 'v'elticlt: ldcntit'icutinrl Numher t‘t’TN J.

Gclicrtil Muturn Dwrscus Distribution forpnrzniun. North American Export Sales {NA ES:

[DUI-i L'Ulunul Sum Drive

Oshawa, Ontarin LlH HP?


Filling Your Tank

The can is. behind it hinged door on the left side nt‘ynur vehicle. Tn Ink: off Ihe cap. turn it slowly to the ltt‘t tcnunterclncl-zw'tE-EJ.

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