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35ml] [L27] Engine

The 3th digit of yoUr lrehiele Identification Number {VIN} shows the code letter for your engine. You will find the VIN at the top lu it of your instrument panel. [See “Vehicle Identification Numhe r“ in the Indetel

Use regular unleaded gasoline rated at 33" octane or higher. [I should meet specifications ASTM D4314 in the US. and CGSB 15-91 in Canada. These fuels should have the proper additives. so you should not have to add anything to the fuel.

In the LLS. and Canada. it‘s easy to he sure you get the fight kind of gasoline {unleaded}. You'll see "UNLEADED" right on the pump. And onlyr unleaded nozzles will fit ittto your vehicle‘s fillet neck.

Be sure the posted octane is at least 31'. if the octane is less than 8?. you may get a heavy knocking. noise when you on we. If it‘s bad onou git. it can damage your engine.

if you're using I'uel rated at til octane or big her and you still hear heavy knocking, your engine needs service. But don't worry if you hear a little pinging noine when you're accelerating or driving up a hill. That '5 normal.

and you don't have to huy a higher octane fuel to gel rid of pinging. it‘s the heavy. constant lino-cl: that means you have a problem.

What about gasoline with blending materials: that contain on ygert {ttxygenulofiL such as MTBE or alcohol‘.r

M I BE in "methyl tertiaryvbutyl ether." Fttei that is no more than IS‘tl- MTBE is line for your vehicle.

Ethanol is ethyl or grain alcohol. Properly-blended fuel that is no more than lil‘ll ethanol in fine for your 1rehicle.

Methanol i5 methyl or wood alcohol.


Fuel that is more than 5% Mutual to bad tor your trehiolo. Don‘t use it. it can corrode metal parts in your fuel system and also damage

plastic and rubber parts. That damage wouldn't be covered under your warranty. And even at 5% or less. there must he “enactments" and corrosion provontors in this tool to help avoid these problems.


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