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Your Buick dealer knows your vehicle heel and want.» you In be happy with it. We hope yutl'il gt: it} your dealer hire" your Merviee needs. You'll get genuine GM pans and GEN-trained and NLIPPOI’IELl werviee people.

We hope you‘ll Went to keep your GM vehicle uil GM. Genuine GM puns have [me of these market:

Doing Your (Jon Service Work

If you want to do some oi'your own service work. :mu' it want to gel the proper Buick Service Manual. 11 tellfi you hutch more about how-- to sen-lee your Bole-it than Iliih' manual can. To order the proper were-ice manual. see “Service Publications" in the Index.

Ynur vehicle ha“ an air hag system. He fan: attentpl ing it! do your own service work. see "Servicing Your .-‘i.ir Bug-Equipped Buick" in the Index.


You elinuttl keep a roman] will] all parts receipts. and lll'il Ihe mileage and the thin: niuny Hervit'e work you parrot-ill. See "Mt-Lillielttiltee Record” in the Index.


You can be iniurod if you tnr to do eenrloe work on a vehicle without knowing enough aboul it.

I Be sure you have sufficient knowledge, experience, and the proper replacement parts orld tools before you attempt any vehicle maintenance teeit.

I Be sure to use the proper nuts. bolts and other fasteners. "Englieh" end “memo" teelenore can be easily contuoad. It you use the wrong hoteliers. pom can later time]: or tell off. You could he hurt.


It you try to do your own service work without knowing enough about it. your vehicle could be damaged.

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