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If you gel the Ell-'El'llfill warning with no high urn-team. It“): ll'llh for a minute or 541'

l. Turn. uil' ynur air crintlitinner.

2. Turn un ynur healer tn futl hm Ell the. highest fan speeri and {trim the. window Elti neceseury.

3. If you‘re. in El. traffic jam. shift to “N“ [NeutratL

lI'j'iJu nu longer ltu'i-‘c lhi: uverheal warning. you can

drive. Jul '|.l‘.I he Hale. drive slower fur ahnu1 ten minutes.

If the warning doesn't come back on. you can drive manually.

[I the warning ctanlinuei-i, pull m'er. Ship. and park ynur vehicle right away.

lFthere‘s still im ngl‘l nfsterjin. you can ittle the engine 1'aner or three minutes while you're parked. In see It The warning stops. Bul 1hen. ir" you Mill have the warning. TURN OFFTl-llj ENGINE AND GET EVERYONE GLF'I' Gl-“l'HE VEHICLE until ll cools down.

You may decide not [0 [in the hood bul 1:: get service help right away.


When yuu decide ir'u safe to lift the hood. yeu‘ll bee;

O {'ui'ylurit recovery em}. 0 Ruthtimr pressure cap

I Electric: engine fitm-

here's when

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