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1}. munch Ihe cahie at 36331 I3 inches [45 cm] away I‘mm the dead heurery. blLI I101 near engine part}; than more. Th1: :JL'L'ln'L‘rjl L'n-nncclinn iH jusl m. good there. but the chance of aparks gelling back In rhu- battcry is. much 5355.

1U_Nuw slarl the VEI‘IiE‘]? with lht: good butter}- and run rhe engine for a whiie.

1 [.Trj.‘ ln Mart Ihe vehicle with the dead buttery.

If it won'1 5mm after a few tries. It probably.- necdx service.


IE. Remove the L'uhlcs in reverse: under to prevent electrical shaming. Take care that [In-3' dnn'l much each mhcr 1.1T any uth-r metat.

Hummu- 1hr: EuhlEfi in this order.

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