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Driving un Snuw or lee

MUM ill' the lillie- [lime platel- When: yuur lII'E'h meet line rnuci prnhuhly have gum! Inlelinn.

Him-ever. il' lllerc in 5']!th ui' lL'L‘ hem-ten _\.'uurl1reh ulul Ihe mini. yuu een have :1 very slippery .~;i1li:ilinn. Yenu‘ll have a IDI leax :raelimi Dr "pnp" and will need in he were careful.

thn 1; lhe WDFSI lime l'nl' mix"? ”Wei ice." VHF cold Mli'lw L'ar iL‘e em: he hIiL'L and ham] II.) drive in]. Bu: wet iee can he even more trnuhle. because it may Offer lhe itihi lruL'iiuIi i'Jl'ul]. YUIJ eur: gel "wet ice“ when il'H ubmn freezing (32°F: {1‘le and freezing rain begins to l'all. Try to avoid driving on wel ice umil mill and sand L‘TL‘WS ean LIL'] “WIFE.

1i'i'huhzwerIi1e enmlihnn -- smnofli Ice. puck-ed. hlrrwlng m' lam-e Minu- -- Llrn-e with Cumin”.

ll' yuu have il'tLCliUII emurul. keep llie ayaiem un. It will impnwe yuur ability In zleeelerule when driving Lin :1. slippery mud. Even Ihnugh yuur which has: :1 trueiinn emm'nl sysaem. you‘ll want to slow down and adjursl your dI]"-'le'lg in the mud mndiliunh. See "'I'J'ueliun {'unlml System" in Ihe Index.

ll' ynu dern'l have The Imelion control system. accelerate gently. Try [101 [u break III: fragile {return-[1. lt‘yuu itceelenue [Du I1lhl.1]l:.' drive wheelh will spin and pulirih [he hurlaee LlFILlL'l' 1he "Rik even mrlre.


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