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yuur eyes In readjust m the dark. When ynu are faced with severe glure {as [mm 3 driver whet duesin‘l Enwer the high beams. or a vehicle with min-aimed heunflighlnj. alew down u. Iinle. Mind flaring directiy into the approaching lights.

Keep your Windshield and all the glass on year vehicle clean u inside and. nut. (Share :11 night is made much wrirse by din nn Ihe glass. Even the inside oi‘llie glass can huitd up a film cansed by dusr. Dirty Eli-155 makefi Fights dazzle and Hath miirr: than clean glass. wnuld, making Ihe pupilh‘ ui' yuur eyes ennlraiel re pellifidl}.

Rel-number 11121 your headlights light up far less of a I'uitdwu}' when you are in a turn ur curve. Keep yrnur eyes “wiring: that way: i1's easier to pick out dimiy iii-glued objects. Jusl as your headlights should be checked regularly fnr proper aim. so shoutd your eyes he examined regularly. Seine drivers suffer from fiigh‘l htlndness -~ The inabiliiy to see in dim iighl -- and aren'l even 21mm: ui'il.

Driving in the Rain

Ruin and we: imidh can mean driving Humble. {)n u we! Thad :r'nLI unil‘t HTl1|_‘I. uccelerale or turn as we“ because FIHILI' lil'e-Tu-I'uad iriLL'liILm isn‘l us. guild :15 DH dry roads. And. if yuur lirEH dun'l have much [read Juli. yuu‘H get even 1thil'ilL'1il‘il'l. [13 iii wu'yi'. wise in gt} slower and he cautioue ifraln starts. 10 E'all while you are driving. The Surface may get well nuddeniy when your reflexes ill'l.‘ luneri i'nr di'ix-ing on dry pavemenl.


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