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ln s skid, a driver can lose control of the vehicle. Defensive drivers avoid most skids by taking reasonable care suited to existing conditions. and by not “overdriving” those condiiions. But skids are always possible.

The three types of skids correspond to your Buiek‘s three control systems. In the braking skid your wheels aren‘t rolling. in the steering or cornering skid, too much speed or steering in a curve causes tires to slip and lose cornering force. And in the acceleration skid too much throttle causes the driving wheels to spin.

A cornering skid is best handled by easing your foot off the accelerator pedal.

If you have the traction control system. remember: It helps avoid only the acceleration skid.

If you do not have traction control. or if the system is off, then an acceleration skid is also best handled by easing, your foot off the accelerator pedal.

If your vehicle starts to slide, case your foot off the accelerator pedal and quickly steer the way you with: the. vehicle to go. If you start steering quickly enough, your vehicle may straighten out. Always be ready for a second skid if it occurs.


Of course. traction is reduced when water, snow, ice. gravel. or other material is on the road. For safety. you'll want to slov-r down and adjust your driving to these conditions. It is important to slow down on slippery surfaces bccause stopping distance will be longer and vehicle control more limited.

While driving on a surface with reduced traction. try your best to avoid sudden steering, acceleration, or braking {including engine braking by shifting to a lower gear}. Arty sudden changes could cause the tires to slide. You may not realize the surface is slippery until your vehicle is skidding. Learn to recognize 'tvat'ning clues -- fiIJCl'i as enough water. ice or packed snow on the road to make a “mirrored surface“ -- and slow down when you have any doubt.

Remember: Arty anti-lock braking system IABS) helps avoid only the braking skid.

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