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Try to illijLJbl your hpfflli .I-o you can "drive" through the curve. Maintain a reusnnuhle, silently weed. ‘l‘v'nil ll} accelerate Until you are out of the curve. and then accelerate gently into the straightaway.

Steering in Emergencies

There are times when steering can he more effective than braking. l'ior example. you come over it ltlll and find it Irucl»; Mapped in your lune, nr :1 C31“ nuddcnl} pulls. out from nowhere.t1r :1 child dam. nut I'mrrt hctween perked can: and stop: right in front of you. You can avoid these Pfllbltflllh In): braking -- ill you Gut amp in time. But sometimes you can 'I: there isn't room. That's the time for evasive action -- steering around the problem.

Yam Buick can perform Very well in emergenetea like these. Firel apply your brakeS. II is: batter to remove :15 much speed as you can from a possible collision. Then xteer around the problem, tn the left tar right depending on the space li‘:"lJrll.fll'|Il.‘.

An emergency like this requires chase attention and :1 quick decision. If you are holding the steering wheel at Ihe recommended 5' and 3 o'clock posilions. you can turn it a full It'll] degrees: very quickly Wilhfllll removing ei1lier ha no. But you have to net fa st. steer quickly. and just :13 quickly straighten the wheel once you have avoided the object.

The fact that .‘lLlL'E'l etra::r_t_:'.ent_'}.I situation:- are alwuys possible in :t good reason 1:] pnietiee defensive driving :1l :1]! times: and wear entirety belts properl y.


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