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Anti-Lock Brakes {ABS}

Ynur Buick has an advanced electronic braking; Hyman]

that 1will help prevent skidding.


This light un 1hr inmrumcm puncl mil go on when you start your vehiciu.

When yn-u man your ‘p'L'hlL'lL' and begin Lu drive uwuy. you may hcar u mnmcntary mulur 111' flicking nuinc. Alli] you “my even notice ihul your hmkc pudal mover; a [in II: while. Iilis i\' 110ng cm. This it lhI.‘ ABS system [Eating iEsclf. lti there‘s :I problem wilh the anti-luck hraku hy‘slcm. ltw anti—luck hmku 53:51an warning ligh'l will 5133' on.

See "Anti—incl»: Brakc System Winning Light" in [he lndcx.

Huru'h haw anti-luck wurkm Let's. fiuzr 1hr mud is W21. Yu-u'rc driving bull-1y. Suddunl: an annual-jumps: OUT m I'runl ui' yam.

Yuu sialn ur- Llic brake-3. Here‘s uhal happens with ABS.

_ —lfi?

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