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There‘s something else about drinking and driving that many penple clun't knew. Medical research SHOWS than alenltei in El person's system can make L'raseh injuries. worse. That‘s especially true for brain. spinal cord and heart injuries. Than meum that ifunyune whu him lrieeri drinking —- driver or passenger .- is in a crash. the chance of being killed in permanently disabled is higher than il‘ that person had not been drinking. And we‘ve already seen that the chance of a crash itself is higher for drinking drivers-t.

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Control ofa Vehicle

't’ntl have three systems that make ytiur vehicle gt: where you want it to gun. They are the brakes. the steering and [he acceleramr. ME three RyHiETI'IS have 1:] dt) ll'teir work at the placer: where the tires meet the mud.

Snmeiimes. as when yeu're driving on snow or ice. It‘s; east}; tn ask more Ufli‘iflfic IL‘Lll'llrUI Hyetemn than the “res and mutt can. pruride. Tliiti rileans you can IOHE Cnntm] of your 1rel'iit'le.


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