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2. Dampen a clean cluth with mineral Spirlifi UT equivalent xttivent.

3. Wipe elttth near the mats! 5ectiene. removing an}r tlirl.

4. Wine dry with clean cloth hei'nre retracting.

5. Make the antenna gr: Lip and drawn by turning the radio nr ignilittn an and tail.

(1. Then repeat it necessary.


Don‘t lubricate the power antenna. Lubricatien eauld damage it.


Bate-re entering an automatic car wash. turn nit your radii: to make the power antenna go down. This will prevent the meet from putt-.teil-iliir getting

damaged. If the antenna fines not at: dawn when you turn the radio off. it may be damaged or need te be cleaned. in either case, lewer the antenna by hand by earetuliy pressing the antenna dawn.

[Filte rnael prtrtittn tti'ymlr antenna is damaged. you L'ttn easily replace it. See _\-'UIL:IF dealer [or a replacement kit and Follow the ineituctionx in the 1:11


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