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Your tape player should be cleaned regularly each month or after every l5 hours UI' use. If you tlulit‘t‘: 21 reduction in sound quality. try a known good cassette to see if the tape or the tape player is at fault. If tltis other cassette has no impniyernenl in sound quality, clean the tape player.

Clean your tape player with a wiping—amino. non-a brasiye cleaning. cassette. and follow the directions provided with it.

Cassettes are subject to wear and the sound quality may degrade overtime. Always make sure that the on ssette tape is in good condition before you have your tape player serviced.

Care of Your Compact Discs

Handle disea L‘arol'ully. Stun: them in their original cases or other proteelit'e eases and away from direct sunlight and dust. If the surface of a disc is soiled, dampen a clean. soft cloth in a mild. neutral detergent solution and clean it. wiping only from the center to the edge.

Be sure never to toueit the signal surface when handling discs. Pick up discs by grasping the outer edges or the edge of the hole and the outer edge.

Fitted Mast Antenna

The fitted mast antenna can withstand most car washes without being damaged. ll‘the mast should ever become slightly beat. you can Straighten it out by hand. If the trutst is badly beat. as it might be by vandals. you should replace it.

Cheek every once in a white to he sure the mast in all |l tightened to the Fender. Power AntEnna Mast Care

Your power antenna will Ionic its best and work well if it's cleaned from time to time.

To Clean the Antenna Mast:

I. Turn on the ignition and radio to raise the antenna to fun mast extension.

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