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Press and hold RE‘l.J to return rapidly to a favorite passage in :1 track. Release it to play.I the passage. Note the seconds counter rattling in the display.


Press and hold FWD to advance quickly within attack. Release it to resume playing. Watch the displasr to stop at a specific passage.


Press PR EU to hear the previous track. It' you hold this button or press it more than once. the disc will retreat In pretriuus trucks.


Press NEXT to hear the next track now [instead of waiting until the present track is finished] ”you hold this button. or press it more than once, the disc will advance further.



Press STIPL the disc will stop and the radio will play. Press S’I‘IPL again in restart the disc at the point where it


Press the FWR button or turn. the ignition key till" to stop the dis: player. The disc stays in the player and will res ante playing at the point where it stopped.


Press EJC'T and the dist: wili eject and the radio will may. The disc will start at track I when you reins-en it.

As a feature to protect the disc. ifyou tum oFt' the ignition with the disc partwayr out of the slot [after eject]. it Iwill be drawn back into the p1ayer in about 30 seconds. The disc will play at track I when the radio is turned tan again.

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