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‘When the ignition is off. push RCL to display the lime. Willi the radio on. and the time displayed. push RCL to see the free ueney.

Seek q or p-

Pressing the SEEK «I L'Ir I:- will cause the receiver to seek the neat lower or higher station and strip.


When you press SCAN. Lhe radio will got to [he nest station and pause and keep doing that until you press SCAN again. SC will appear in the display.


The list: pushbuttons let you return to Favorite stations. You can set [he pushbutiunx for up to fifteen stalions {5 AM and H] FM}.

I- Tune in the desired slalipn. I Press the SET pushbuliun.

I Within 5 seconds. pus-Ii one ofthe I'ii-e puslthuttons. SET will disappear from the display when Ihe slulinn is set.


Whenever you press that button. the preset slalion 1will return.


To set the clock: ' Press the SET pushhutton.

l Within 5 seconds. press and hold SCAN unlil the eorreet Itour appears on the display.

0 Press and hold SEEK .- or 1 until the correct minute appears on lhe display.


Adjust the trehle response up or down. lt'the station is weak or nuisy. adjust the treble down to reduce the noise. Pressing the control in the center will set the bass 1“ a hielory preset level.


Use the BASS control to adjust bass response up or down. Pressing the control in the center will set the bass to a Factory preset level.

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