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Seats and Seat Controls

This seetjnn tells; you aimut the seals; .- how to 2thth them. and aim about memttry seats. reclining Heulhuekfi and head restraints.

Manual Seal

Mme the lever under the from seitt ttt lll'lifZHL‘L' il. Slide the HB-lil m where }‘[1-I.L want it. Then release the lever and

try tn rnm't: the Heat with your burly, in make NUTL‘ the Heat lH lucked inin place.


Pfl'i’r'El“ Seal

anl Cunlrul lFl: Ril'lM: [he l'tun't DI' the seat by pushing an the left Hlth.‘ of the switch. P‘lil‘il! 0n lItE' right aide at the hwitt‘h to lower lite I'ront uf the weal.

Center Conlrul {C}: More the seat t'urwartl hr back by holding the ventral to the front or back. Raise the seat by hulding the control to the left. Hold the central to the right It: lflwer the Mini.

Rear Contra! [R]: Raiae The rear of the seat by holding the switch In the left. “Hiding the switch to the right lowers the rettr {tithe seat.

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