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The Upper Knob

The upper ltnoh does these thing:

a It controls the volume. The volume l-utoh increases and decreases volume when it is held slightly rotated against the spring load.

I It allows you to mute the radio or tape play. Press to mule; preset again to liittert. Balance

The control behind the upper knuh allows you to balance the sound between the right and lel't weaker-it. Notice the display arrows to see where the balance is set.

The Lower Knob

Turn the lower knob to tune radio Htatit‘inx. The tune knob increases. and decreases: frequency when it in held slightly rotated against the spring load. Push it to gel AM. FMI or FM’.’ frequencies.



The control hehirui the lower knob moves the around between your front and rear speakers. Notice the dieplay urrows to see how FADE is set.


Push RCL to display the time when the ignition lH olT. With the radio on. and the time displayed. push RCL to display ll‘lE frequency.

Seek-1 or 5 Framing the SEEK qor ’- button will came the receiver to tree]; the next lower or higher xtalion and stop.


When you prtsh'h' SCAN. the radio will go to the next station and [reuse and keep doing that until you press SCAN again. SC will appear in the display.

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