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keep the leg tiff Ihe windshield.

Air entering the velnele will be evenly hplil between the ”1'le uutlclx and tin: tautlcls near the WillldhlliL'ld. YOU can comm! the temperature ul'the air and the Fan upeed In clear thi: foggy.- windnws.

Rear Window Defugger

The lines ytiu are tilt the rear windnw warm the glare. Free-3 the human lei \‘ltirl 'Wlll'llltng yuur windnw.

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.-"I.I'li.-1' IO minutea. it 1:. ill gnu HIT by itself. tar prey-ting the hulltln Jgam during the: healing L'}'L'|t3' WI“ hllul il ul'l.

II' :v'tlll need Lttltlilitmul wumiing time. push the

I'iLnlL'm again.


Scraping the inside of your rear wlndow could

cut and damage the heater. Your warranty would not never this damage. Don't put decals there, you might have In scrape them off.

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