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Luw (Ionian: Warning Lighl

Wlwn [hi5 liglfl L'nrncr; an. the cooling system is [my {'J-[l L'nulanl. As a bulb check. '11 will come on whcn the iglliliun in Ihi: RUN fl-(ihilil‘ll‘l. and then go till".


Iftlie con-lam JL'VL'I :lh' Inw. Ihe Iiflhl wil] come banal». on and u warning chime will sound. Ifiliis Inippcns. .H'L'L‘

”Engine leam" in the: Indcx I'ur PHI-[JCT cooling system fill.

.fiil'icr Il'li: Linilanl level in returned Tn Its. prupcr law]. lhq: LOW C(IJLANT light will pn Lift-alter El} swam]: or remain ul‘l'u-n Ihr: hurl igniliuii ryclc.

Engine lUlil Pressure Light and Gage

Thih‘ light hells 55ml ifthere would he a pl'UblL‘lTl with ynur engine oil profihurc.

If your car has Ihc nptinna] gage cluster. you can read yuur uil pressure directly from Ille gag: 0n :mur inntrulncm panel.

There are Ihree ways Ihls lighI can: tunic nn briefly. which i?- r'ml'l'nill and dotfin'l shuw a prnhlirnm The}; are:

i The Hill“ crimes un when you [urn j'illJl' key 1:) “Run." IT got-.3 ul'l'flni‘i: yuu turn ":11: keyin"St:Ir1." ThEIII-‘rllll‘il a: check lu he Hurt: Ihi: lighl wnrksi. If it LlneHn'r. he launc- In hit-u: il lixcd m it will he lhEl'L‘. m W'EJI'I'I y'all Il' amniclliing gut-i wrung.


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