Buick PARK AVENUE 1994 Owner Manual

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HOW I" USE This Manual YULI will also 1i rid t! It‘iIL‘ht with n SI-lih'h through it in this

[ml-t. Many Pimple read their uwner's lilanttul from beginning h 10 end when they lip-it receive their new Vehicle. Tilih This safety bymhol means will help you learn about the features: and cnnlmls I'm “Dun‘t.” "Dun‘t LJu thin." or your vehiele. In this lfittllfllli. you‘ll lint! that pictumx “Dnn'l let lhis happen."

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Safety,r Warnings and Sym huls

You Will find a numher nl'h‘al'ely caution}. III this haul-t. We use it hot; 'H-‘Ilh gray haekgmund and Ihe wurd CAUTION Lu tell you ab-IJUI thing-a than could hurt ynu il' you were 1:: ignnre the wanting.


In the gray {anthem area. we tell ynu what the humrd is. Then We tell you Wit-Ell to do It! helpnmid or reduce the hazard. Please read these cautimw. lt' ynu don‘t. gum or when: could be hurt.


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