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Mirrors The mirrtir mnunt ih designed to detach during air bag

deployment. E1 reseive I'nrce andfer excessive up. down. Manual Inside Mirrflr sitie-turside adjustment eun L'fllJl-il: the mirror In detach l'rnrn Ihe windfihield. ”this occurs. re-inslull the mirrnr according It) this precedure.

1. Center the btllEIIJITI nt'lhe mirror mount against the windshield .Ill the tun til' the hulltin.


Slide the menu“ new the helium keeping the mount parallel to the windshield.

3. White punhing the mount against the butt-fin. maintain u tluwnwanl l'uree until the support clicks mm the hutlnn. A etiek indieales the mount is; fully engaged. it requires; approx lllttllcly ."tfl poundr. of force.

4. Check to make 1aure Ihe mirror is securely zttlttehed to the button by aidiurating the mirror normally.

When you tire sitting in u uumlln‘luhie driving ptmitiun. edjuyt the rnirmr Itti ynu can see clearly behind ydur ear. Grip the mirrer in the center tn move it up or duwn and sided In side. The day-night adjustment tllltIWH yuu In adjust the mirror to nvnid glare frtJ-tn the lighlh' behind you. Pull the tab I'urward l'tir daytime use. Pueh il buck tit-r night use.


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