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Tu Resume a Set Speed

Supth-se yuu hel yum CI'UihE‘ Control ill EI desired fipeed und Then ynu apjfly the hruke. This. :11" course, hhulx UH Ihe Cruise. Cnmml. Bul you dnn'l need In TESL‘I il.

Una: yuu'n: guing about 25 mph :4“ kuu'h] nr luure. yell eun Imwe the ("mist Central switch t'rnm

“()er 1U “WA"

{Resum eh‘heeeierme: fur uhuut half :1 second. Yuu‘ Ll go righ! heel: up [1} your chosen .Iapeed and stay there.

Remember il'ynu hnld Ihe muiteh a: "Remunee‘flecelemte" hanger lhfln haii'a xemnd. Ihe vehicle WI" keep going, faRIer 1mm ynu release the switch 0r apply Ihe brake. You could be blamed and even lme emuml. Sn unlem yuu war-1 Tn gn faster. don't hold Ihe mile“ at "RnumeMeeeier-‘nefi‘


To Increase Speed While Using Cruise lCantrell

There 1ch1wn «9.113% [n go tn :1 higher Speed. Here's the first:

I. L'xe the accelerator pedal to get In 1he higher Speed.


r11 mung. -II--._

2. [mm llu: I1u11onaat Ihe end uFlhe lever. [hen reitfise

the [mum uml The ureelemtnr pedal. Ynu'll new eruixe n1 Ihe highel speed.

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