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1'96} Bm'r'k .‘Spfl'l'af

Built inside lhe Wall: uf H11: uld huildingsi in Buick'h l'nn'ner Flint cmnplcx, which Formed Ilu: camcrxmm: of General Mum-m. Buick City. in u slatL~-uI'-the—an

nsse mhly facility wjlh mnrr: than 200 robots and nthcr high-[61.3“ equip-mum. [1 was mmplcicd in th- full of IE'SS.

Buick!» Elffl, and will continue In Inns. prcmium American mnturcara with hmuulh power, high perfhnnancc. rich dew” and t‘UII'LJhl‘iflhiu uccnmmfujalion.

Ed MEN‘S. GFHL‘m! Manager. Built Mtflmr Dam-mu

GUT mission is HilTlp]L*Z

“Buick will pmvide Premium Amcrican Mnlnrcars hack-ed wilh strviccs that exceed nur cuflumcm‘ EHpecIatEUnfi. Ihmughnul 1he purchasa. uwnurshlp, sewice and rupurchufic experience."

Buicks are SLIBSTANTIAI._ Buicks um DIS'I'INL‘TWE. Buick: are POWERFUL. Buick: arr MATURE.

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