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“it Look: Before you put the key in. your ignition will be in the Leek pitsitinn. This poshion locks your ignition. steering wheel and traumatic. It's a [hell deterrent feature.

iL‘i Off: This position lets you turn off the engine but still turn the Steering wheel. It doesn't loci: the steering wheel like Leek. Lise “Off" if you must have your can in motion while the engine is off.

Elli Run: This iv. the position for driving. IE] Start: This posntion start: your engine.


It your key seems stuck in "Look” and you on n't turn it, be sure it is all the way in. II it is. then turn the steering wheel left and right while you turn

the hey hard. But turn the key only with your

he nd. Using a. tool to ioree It could break the key or the Ignition switch. If none of this works. then your vehicle needs service.

Starting Your Engine

Moire your shil'l lever to "1‘” tParlti or "N" tNeutreiJ. Your engine won‘t start in any other pusilinn -- that's a safety feature. To restart when you're already moving. use “N" tNetttral} only.


Don’t try to shift to "P" {Park} if your Buiolt is

moving. Ii you do. you oould damage the transasle. Shift to “P" {Park} only when your Itirehlele ls stopped.

|. ‘Without pushing the aceeierator pedal. turn your ignition key to "Stan.“ When the engine starts. let go of the key. The idle speed will go- down as your engine gels warm.


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