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Replacing Safety Belts After a Crash If you‘ve had a crash. do yuu need new belts?

After ti- very mintrr cullisiem, nuthing may ht: neee ssary. But if the belts were stretched, as they would be if were during a more severe crash then you need new belts.

[l belts are cut or damaged. replace them. Ernllisien damage also may mean you will need to have safety belt er Real parts repaired or replaced. New parts and repairs ma)r be necessary even if the belt wasn‘t being used al the time of the collision.

If your seat adj Lister won't work after a cut sh. the special

part of the safety belt that goes through the seat In the adjuster may need let be replaced.


Q: What’s wrong with this?

A: The belt is turn.

Tom at frayed belts may not protect you in a crash. They can rip apart under impact forces. lfa belt is turn or frayed, get :1 new one right away.

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