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Parking Brake Guides

Power Sift-ring System

Autumn“: Transaitle

Key Luck Cylinders


Trans-attic Shirl Linkage

Chassis Lubrication


Quasi; lubricant (GM Part No. iflflc‘l‘)? or equivalent: or lubricant meeting requirements of NLGI Grade

2, Calegory LB or 02- LB.

GM Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid {GM Part No. lflfilfifii or equivalent).

DEXRDN‘a-lll or DEXRDNm IIE Automalic Transmission Fluid.

Lubricant- with Muiii-P‘urpone Lubricant {GM Pun No. IZMSiZfiI} or synthetic

SAE SW—EU engine oil or Silicone

iul'fl'icant {GM Purl Nu, ICISZZ'II‘H m 1(15227'31

Engine oil.

Chant-in lubricant {[iM Pan No. 105249? or equivalcnll or lubricant meeting requirement. of NLGI Grade

2. Category LB or GC-LB.


‘Mntlsilicld GM Opiilzincn' ‘Mlsher Solvent {GM Washer Soivcnl Part No. IUSISlS} or equivalent.

Houd Lnlch Assembly

a. Pl'I'Gl-‘i 311d Spring Anchor

in. Release Pawl

3. Engine oil.

b Chassis lubricant mccling requirements of NLt‘iI Grade 2,

Category LB or GC-LB {GM Part No. Mil-19? or cquivuicnli.

Engine oil or Lubriplutn Lubricant [GM PM No. 1050109).

Hood and Door

I-liriglw1 Fuel Door Hinge

Wealhcrsiripn Dielectric Silicone Grease [GM Part No. 12345579 or equivalent}.

See "Speeifioaiionn Chan" in the Index for recmnmendnd replacement fiiltrn. valves and spark


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