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Seetien B: Owner Cheeks and Services

Listed below :11": owner cheeks and services which should he performed at the intervals specified to help ensure the sa fety. depentlntz-ilit}r and emise ion control perl'ernmnee of your vehicle.

Be sure any necessary repairs are completed to once. Whenever any fluids or lubrieenle are ttdded to your vehicle. make sure they are the proper ones. as shown in Section D.


At Each Fuel Fill

{II is: Important for you or a service station attendant to perform these nnderltood checks at each fuel fill-)


Engine IIlil Level Check the engine Gil level and add the pmpcr uil 1'I' nemesat}: See ”Engine fill" in the Index for further deluils.

Check the engine coolnnl level endndd the pruper CLH'IhlnI min El'neeestiary. See "fistula-m" in the Index. for further tletuilit.

Check lhe windshield wteal'ler fluid level in the windshield washer tunlt and neki the proper fluid if Heiress-airy. fill: “Windshield Niel-per Fluid“ in the Index l—ur I'urlher detailn.

Engine Coolant Level

Windshield Washer Fluid Level-

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