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Inflation - Tire Pressure

The TirevLoeding Information label which is on the rear edge of the driver's door shows the correct inflation [trot-mums [or your lines. when they‘re cold. “Cold" means your vehicle has been sitting for at lei: st three I'tflllrli or driven no more than a mile.


Don't let anyone tell you that unoorinllation 9g overinflaiion is all right. It's not. If your fires don‘t have enough air lundorinl‘lation} you nan got:

0 Too much floating 0 Too much heat

0 Tire overloading 0 Bad wear 0

Bad handling 0 Bad fuel economy.

If your tires have too much air tovorinflalion]. you can get:

0 Unusual wear

0 Bad handling

I Rough ride

0 Needless damage from road hazards.


When to Check

Check your tires once a month or more.

Don't forget your compact spare tire. 1t Slifluld be at EU psi [42H kl’a}.

How to Check

Use :1 good quality [nickel-type gage- io CI'l-L‘L‘k tin: pressure. Simply looking at the tires will not leii you the pressure. especially ii'you have radial tires -- which may look properly inflated even ll'they're untierinl'lated.

li‘ your tires have valve cape. be more to put them back.

on. They help prevent leaks by keeping out dirt and moisture.

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