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Granting the angina will! the air chariot all can mam urethra tuba burnetha air ciaattar not only cleans the: alr. It stops tlm It the urgin- hlctfirau. It It isn’t than, and the engine hacldim. you cuuld he him-lad. an't chive with it off. and be carotid IIlllrtllrilllng on lha angina with the an clamr an'f.


If the air cleaner is 011‘. a backfire can cause a damaging angina fire. And, did can easily get lntn ynur an gins, which wilt damage it. Always have the air claa ner in place whan you'ra driving.


Automatic Transaxle Fluid When to Check and Change

A grind timc to chuck your automatic Il'ilnbtlhifi Fluid icvcl is when lite engine nil ii-l changed. Rcfcr in the Maintenance Schedule In determine when In Changi: ynur I‘luid. Etc “Scheduled Maintenance Sen-ices“ in lhc Inuit-x.

How to Check

Because titih cpcraticn can ha: a little difficult, you mug..- Chfitnfi't‘ In haw: this Linn-c at a Buick dcalet‘ship Service Dcpnrtmcnl.

If you do it yuurxcit'. hi: Hurt: tn l'nlli‘i'w at] 111:: instruclions here. or ynu could get a false reading an the dipstick.


'I'nn much or too little fluid can damage your flanaaxlc. Tnn much can mean that coma at the fluld could come out and fall on hot angina parts

or exhaust system. starting a tira. Ba aura to get an accurate reading it you chack your tranaaxlc fluid.

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