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This figure lights up as a reminder [:3 buckle up. {See “Safely- Bell Reminder Light" in the Index}

In many Males and Canadian pnwinoes-a, the law Ha 5'5 1a wear safely bclifi. Here's why: They wark.

Yuu never knuw il yLJ-u'l] ha in a craah. Il'yna Llu ham: :1 crash. yuu dn-n'l knew il' i! will hr: a had fine.

A few L‘i‘asllas are mild, and game: Crazihts can be so ~«:rluua II'Ll-ll Evan bucklcd up a pan-inn wuuldn': survive. BUT Ififlhl Crashes are :in btlwucn. In many DI'IIIL‘EH, people who buckle up can survivt and sumctinmx Walk away. Willlout ballb they could haw: burn badly hun 01' killed.

18— ____

After more than 25 years of sal'ciy beltx in vehicles. the lam are clear. In mu.“ traihes buckling up does; matter a [all

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